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AR# 56058

AXI Interconnect v1.06a - Cannot Enable Narrow Burst Support from the GUI


Symptom: In XPS, axi_interconnect_v1.06.a (and earlier) configuration GUI, Master Info tab contains checkboxes under the Support Narrow Burst column that allows user update, but has no effect on the design.

User can tick the box, click OK, but when they go back, the box will be cleared again.
In the MHS, the parameter was not set either.

Cause: All fields in the Master Info and Slave Info tabs are intended to be read-only. These checkboxes should not have been editable.


For any connected master device that has a configurable SUPPORTS_NARROW_BURST parameter (rare), open the configuration GUI for the master device (not the interconnect) and edit the parameter setting therein.

Revision History
5/21/2013 - Initial release

AR# 56058
Date 05/21/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • AXI Interconnect
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