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AR# 56158

14.5 EDK, AXI Ethernet v3_01_a - Packets subsequent to dropped Packets do not get transmitted through AXI_Ethernet /AXI_DMA


It has been seen that on systems with AXI Ethernet v3.01.a targeting Virtex-6 hard TEMAC (C_TYPE = 2) in DMA mode, packets subsequent to dropped packets do not get transmitted.


It has been found that the rx_frame_complete flag was inserted incorrectly causing the state machine to transition to an incorrect state. This issue has been fixed in the patch that is attached at the end of this answer record.

To use the patch:

1. Replace the file %XILINX_EDK%\hw\XilinxProcessorIPLib\pcores\axi_ethernet_v3_01_a\hdl\src\verilog\axi_ethernet_v3_01_a_v6_rx_axi_intf.v with the file attached.

2. Clean the generated files and reimplement the design


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axi_ethernet_v3_01_a_v6_rx_axi_intf.v 10 KB V
AR# 56158
Date 05/28/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Virtex-6 LXT
  • AXI Ethernet
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