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AR# 56254

CPLD - iMPACT Verify Operation


What steps does the "Verify" operation in iMPACT go through on a CPLD?


1) Issuing a Verify command in iMPACT causes a CONLOAD operation, loading the contents of the FLASH back into the device SRAM.

2) The contents of the flash are read back out of the device to the host computer.

3) The readback file and the original .jed JEDEC file used to configure the CPLD are then compared. If their contents match, the verify is successful.

If a user prefers to keep the readback file (flash contents), they should perform a "Readback" operation. This operation will store a copy of the readback data for the user to later view. Keep in mind that the regular .jed file has text headers and formatting which make it more accessible for users than the readback file.

AR# 56254
Date 06/06/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • CoolRunner-II
  • 9500XL
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