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AR# 56508

Zynq-7000 AP SoC, 14.6 FSBL - Is there a changelog?


Is there an FSBL changelog that has information of the specific bugs that have been fixed? Many only have CR numbers as entries.

Future updates in the FSBL source file header will include customer-usable change log information.


This is a summary of the changes from EDK 14.5 to EDK 14.6 FSBL.


Fallback support for E-Fuse encryption
CR#708728: Issues seen while making HP interconnect 32 bit wide. Resolution: ps7_post_config function generated by PCW will be called after Bit stream download

Added Md5 checksum support
CR#692045: FSBL: Linker script of FSBL has PHDR workaround, this needs to be fixed. Resolution: Removed PHDR from Linker file.
CR#704287: FSBL: fsbl.h file has a few error codes that are not used by FSBL, that needs to be removed. Resolution: Removed unused error codes
CR#704379: FSBL: Check if DDR is in proper state before handoff. Resolution: Added DDR initialization check

CR#709077: If FSBL_DEBUG and FSBL_DEBUG_INFO are defined, the debug level is FSBL_DEBUG only.

Added fsbl_hooks.h
Added FsblHookFallback():This function is the hook which will be called in case FSBL fall back

CR#710128: FSBL: Linux boot failing without load attribute set for Linux partitions in BIF. Resolution: FSBL will load partitions with valid load address and stop loading if any invalid load address

CR#710128: Linux boot failing without load attribute set for Linux partitions in BIF. Resolution: FSBL will load all partition with valid address only(load address from 1M or DDR_START_ADDR to DDR_END_ADDR). FSBL will stop loading the application if there any invalid address.

Added LoadBootImage()


Modified struct StructPartHeader

Modified section order

Added MMC support
To support MMC, added two separate functions. sd_init for SD initialization. mmc_init for MMC initialization.

Support for Multi Boot

Added EnablePLtoPSLevelShifter()

Added Flash Size > 128Mbit support
Added Dual Stack support

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