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AR# 56565

2013.2 Vivado - ISEWarp.sh and ISEWrap.js, created in the synthesis run directory, do not follow umask settings


On a Linux operating system, I have umask set to "002" (umask 002). However, when I run synthesis, the project.runs/synth_1/ directory contains two files (ISEWarp.j and ISEWrap.js) that do not have group_write_permisions which prevents group sharing of the project.


%vivado& => run synthesis
% ll project.runs/synth_1/ISE*.*

-rw-r--r-- 1 usr server 4.7K Jun 24 18:46 ISEWrap.js
-rwxr--r-- 1 usr server 1.6K Jun 24 18:46 ISEWrap.sh*

ISEWarp.j and ISEwarp.js have unexpected permissions.


The two file (ISEWrap.js and ISEWrap.sh) are not created by Vivado, but are copied at runtime from the prep/rdi/vivado/scripts directory, therefore the umask has no effect.

To work around this, you can use the "chmod" command to change the permissions of these files.

This issue is fixed in Vivado Design Suite 2013.3.

AR# 56565
Date 10/30/2013
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.2
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