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AR# 56678

PetaLinux 2013.04 - gdbserver is not present in pre-built BSP images


In the pre-built PetaLinux BSP images for 12.12 and earlier, gdbserver was included in the root filesystem.

Why is it missing in the pre-built images for 2013.04?


A change was made to the default application configuration (appconfig) for 2013.04 of PetaLinux such that inclusion of gdbserver is not automatically enabled. Thus, the pre-built images do not include gdbserver since the pre-built images use all factory defaults.

gdbserver can be added to the root filesystem by updating the appconfig and adding in gdbserver:

  1. source the PetaLinux tools.
  2. run the PetaLinux appconfig tool ($> petalinux-config-apps).
  3. add gdbserver to the root filesystem (Root Filesystem Packages --> base --> external-sourcery-toolchain --> gdbserver).
  4. exit appconfig (choose yes to update settings).
  5. rebuild the root filesystem image using the "make clean" and "make commands".

The gdbserver command will be located in /usr/bin of the root filesystem.

AR# 56678
Date 01/30/2014
Status Active
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