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AR# 57018

Vivado Timing - get_timing_paths returns more paths than report_timing_summary reports


In my timing summary report there are 460012 TNS Total Endpoints.

If I do an llength [get_timing_paths -nworst 1 -max_paths <very_large_number>],  there are 460014 timing paths returned.


What is the reason for this inconsistency?


In this example, there are two endpoints that are reached by two clocks, hence they have paths in multiple path groups.

In report_timing_summary, each endpoint is counted only once when reporting the design level metrics. 

In report_timing/get_timing_paths, paths are reported per path group. 

So multiple paths are reported to each of the above endpoints.

AR# 57018
Date 01/21/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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