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AR# 57090

7 Series FPGA Transceiver Wizard V2.6 - In some situations, cannot generate core with "RX off" box ticked


In certain situations/sequences it is not possible to generate the core with "RX off".

For example, on opening the wizard, if the settings for TX are entered first (e.g. Line Rate: 10Gbps, Reference Clock: 156.250MHz, TX PLL Selection: QPLL) and then the "RX off" box is checked, even though the "RX off" box is checked, the RX Reference Clock shows as red, indicating an error, and it is not possible to generate the core.

It seems that the RX PLL Selection is by default CPLL. Even though it is grayed out as "Rx off" is selected, the wizard still seems to take this setting into account.
With "Rx off," the wizard should not take into account these settings.


  • Enter TX settings
  • Do NOT select "RX off"
  • Change RX PLL Selection to QPLL
  • Then select the RX off option
This will allow the core to be generated.

This will be fixed in a future release of the wizard.
AR# 57090
Date 08/13/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Kintex-7
  • Virtex-7
  • 7 Series FPGAs Transceivers Wizard
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