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AR# 57311

SDK 14.6 - How can I compile a single file in an SDK application regardless of any modification


I have a source file in my application that needs to be compiled all the time regardless of any modifications.

How can I achive this?


Since the tools use a Makefile, only files that have updated timestamps will be compiled. This Makefile is also automatically generated by the tools by default.

So, we can modify the Makefile. However, we first need to un-select the automatically generate Makefile option first. To do this, right click on the BSP and select C/C++ Build Settings. In the GUI, un-check the Generate Makefiles automatically box as shown below:


Next, we shall Modify the Makefile. The Makefile can be found under the BSP -> Debug:

In this example, I want to compile helloworld.c every time I build regardless of any modification to the file. To do this, add the line highlighted below and save.

Now, every time the application is built, helloworld.c will be compiled regardless of any change to the source file.

AR# 57311
Date 08/30/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • EDK - 14.6
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2012.4
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