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AR# 58097

Vivado Simulator 2013.2 - Fatal Error simulating Zynq BFM example design


The Zynq BFM example design works without issues in Vivado 2013.1, but fails to pass simulation in 2013.2.

In Windows, the following error is seen.

Could not open the .mem file xsim.dir/test_behav/xsim.memstd::endl
ERROR: [Simtcl 6-50] Simulation engine failed to start: The Simulation shut down unexpectedly during initialization.
Please see the Tcl Console or the Messages for details.
ERROR: [Vivado 12-2332] Received fatal error while launching XSIM application!

In Linux, the following fatal error is issued.

FATAL_ERROR: FATAL_ERROR: Vivado Simulator kernel has discovered an exceptional condition from which it cannot recover. Process will terminate. For technical support on this issue, please open a WebCase with this project attached at http://www.xilinx.com/support.
Time: 15 ns Iteration: 0 Process: /test/tb/zynq_sys/zynq_bfm/inst/S_AXI_GP0/Initial291_175
File: /wrk/seg_pss2/pele/dipalik/zynq_bfm_example/2013.2/zynqbfmsystem/zynq_system.srcs/sources_


The issue has been fixed in the 2013.3 release.

Alternatively, you can use ModelSim with the 2013.2 version.

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AR# 58097
Date 10/22/2014
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