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AR# 58164

2013.x - How do you run AXI BFM simulation with VCS?


For designs using BFM, how do you perform functional simulation in VCS?


To run AXI BFM simulation with VCS, you need to specify the library_name:boot_routines(s) using the -load option.
The following is an example script:

vcs -full64 -debug_pp -t ps -licwait -60 -load $XILINX_VIVADO/ids_lite/ISE/lib/lin64/libxil_vcs.so:xilinx_register_systf  work.design_1_wrapper work.glbl -o design_1_wrapper_simv

If you want to run the simulation in the gui, include the -gui switch.
Note: The settings script within the Vivado install area does not append the ids_lite entry to $LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

You must manually modify this variable to include the ISE library path prior to running the vcs command.


Otherwise, it will fail when loading the dynamic library.

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AR# 58164
Date 09/16/2014
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