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AR# 58367

Vivado 2013.3 - Vivado generated project fails during data2mem in SDK when programming FPGA


I have a simple Vivado project, with an XPS submodule. When I export to SDK, and use the Program FPGA, I receive the following data2mem error in the console:

data2mem -bm \
/home/stephenm/data2mem_2013_3/project_1/project_1.sdk/SDK/SDK_Export/system_hw_platform/system_stub_bd.bmm \
-bt \
/home/stephenm/data2mem_2013_3/project_1/project_1.sdk/SDK/SDK_Export/system_hw_platform/system_stub.bit \
-bd \
/proj/XIRbuilds/released/2013.3/2013.3_1017_1/installs/lin64/SDK/2013.3/sw/lib/microblaze/mb_bootloop_le.elf \
tag microblaze_0 -o b \
FPGA Programming Failed due to errors while initializing bitstream.
ERROR:Data2MEM:80 - ADDRESS_SPACE or ADDRESS_MAP tag name 'microblaze_0' was not found.     Some data may have not been translated.

How can I address this issue?


To work around this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Close the SDK tool
  2. Copy the ADDRESSSPACETAG info, below into the XML file that resides in the exported SDK hardware platform folder:
      <ADDRESSSPACETAG NAME="system_i/microblaze_0:system_i_microblaze_0"/>
  4. To get the path (highlighted), open the Implemented Design and do a Ctlr+f and search for the Microblaze:

    In the results console, the Microblaze instance will be displayed, similar to the following:

  5. Once this is complete, save and close the XML file, and relaunch the SDK tool. The project should rebuild automatically. If not, perform a Project > Clean.
AR# 58367
Date 11/15/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.3
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