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AR# 58422

Is it possible to use both iMPACT and ChipScope with same cable/JTAG chain?


I have a board with two FPGAs in the JTAG chain. Is the following scenario possible?

  1. Program FPGA1 in ChipScope, set the trigger.
  2. Program FPGA2 using IMPACT.
  3. Get the trigger processed in FPGA1 using ChipScope.


This use case may not be possible because of the following reasons:

  • iMPACT works directly on hardware drivers
  • ChipScope works on virtual cable servers

Because of the way iMPACT works, ChipScope cannot take over the cable until it is disconnected from the iMPACT tool.

Also with ChipScope, it is possible to use multiple instances of the tool to time share the JTAG chain and program the FPGAs, but it is not possible to set the trigger on one FPGA and try to program another FPGA using a different instance of the ChipScope tool. When the trigger is set in ChipScope, it will be polling the hardware periodically and updates the waveform when the storage buffer is full.

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AR# 58422
Date 12/02/2013
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