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AR# 58497

LTE FFT v2.0- What are the advantage of using LTE FFT core over free FFT core


What are the significant advantage of using the LTE FFT core over the free FFT core in terms of latency, resource utilization and timing performance.


The main advantage of the LTE FFT core is the ability to perform a 1536-point transform to allow the 15 MHz bandwidth part of the LTE specification to be supported. 

The programming of the correct cyclic prefixes is also handled internally by the LTE FFT core, but you set this up yourself with xfft_v9_0.

If you only plan to support the 20 MHz bandwidth, then the 2048-point transform from the free FFT core (xfft_v9_0) is sufficient. 

xfft_v9_0 offers a little more flexibility regarding parameterization.

The LTE FFT ships with an evaluation license and hardware timeout built in, so you can evaluate the LTE FFT for your application immediately.

Both LTE FFT and xfft_v9_0 have resource, transform time and performance data in their documentation which can be used for comparison. 

Performance is roughly similar.

If the radix-3 stage for 15 MHz support is not used in the LTE FFT, the resources used are also similar between the two cores.
AR# 58497
Date 01/23/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • FPGA Device Families
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