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AR# 58499

Vivado IP Integrator - Tcl command get_ipdefs does not return the correct version number for the axi_interconnect core in the block design catalog


I have a Zynq block design in IP Integrator.

I am trying to see the version of the AXI interconnect core that is in the IP catalog in IP Integrator.

However, when I use this command:

get_ipdefs *axi_interconnect*

I get the following output:


The version of the AXI interconnect IP in the IP Integrator catalog is axi_interconnect:2.1.

Why did the command return a different version number?

What is the difference between these cores?


The get_ipdefs command will only return the IP cores from the standalone IP catalog.

It will not return the cores that are in the IP Integrator IP catalog.

In order to have the cores from both catalogs returned, use the following command:

get_ipdefs -all *axi_interconnect*

xilinx.com:ip:axi_interconnect:1.7 xilinx.com:ip:axi_interconnect:2.1

Alternatively, you could filter to get only the version of the IP available in IP Integrator as in the following example.

get_ipdefs -all *axi_interconnect* -filter design_tool_contexts=~*IPI* 


In some cases, where multiple versions of an IP are returned, it might be useful to include the UPGRADE_VERSIONS filter as well to get a specific IP version as in the following example:
get_ipdefs -all -filter {NAME=~util_ds_buf && DESIGN_TOOL_CONTEXTS=~"*IPI*" && UPGRADE_VERSIONS==""} 
AR# 58499
Date 01/14/2016
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Zynq-7000
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.3
  • AXI Interconnect
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