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AR# 58521

2013.3 Install - DocNav fails to install


During a batch install of the Vivado tool, if there is a previous Vivado version installed on the computer which has Xilinx Documentation Navigator (DocNav) installed, DocNav is not being installed with the new version of Vivado.

An empty folder named DocNav is created under the new installation folder. A pop-up message appears if I try to open the DocNav from the Vivado tool.

Product Guide: 
Unable to locate the Xilinx Documentation Navigator at '.C:/Xilinx/DocNav/docnav.exe'.
Please check that it is installed properly.

If I run Help -> User Guide, I see a pop-up message to change to the Web browser instead using DocNav and change default.

When I check the install log, I see an error indicating that the DocNav install failed. For example:

INFO ::Fri Oct 11 13:43:33 TZ 2013:: Execute: Initialize DocNav Install
INFO ::Fri Oct 11 13:43:34 TZ 2013:: Execute: Install Xilinx Documentation Navigator
ERROR::Fri Oct 11 13:43:35 TZ 2013:: Unable to execute: Install Xilinx Documentation Navigator
INFO ::Fri Oct 11 13:43:35 TZ 2013:: Execute: Remove Windows DocNav Init File


The install failure occurs because DocNav is located in the previous version, and the new installation is not properly finding and sourcing it.

This issue has been fixed in Vivado Design Suite 2013.4.

To work around the issue in Vivado 2013.3, remove Xilinx Design Tools/DocNav from the program group/start menu. Then, installing DocNav should succeed and the program group should be recreated correctly.

AR# 58521
Date 01/08/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.3
  • Vivado Design Suite
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