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AR# 58592

Vivado HLS - Is there any size limitation in source code and generated RTL?


Is there any size limitation in source code and generated RTL?

For example:
  • Maximum line number of C/C++/SystemC
  • Maximum logic resource (% of LUT, FF)


There is no limitation of this type in Vivado HLS.

High-level synthesis is similar to a search space problem.

When it is trying to find a solution, the more objects you give it the longer it takes to complete.

If you inline a lot of functions, unroll a lot of loops (adding pipeline to a higher level will automatically perform this) or partition a lot of arrays completely, then you will give it a lot of objects and run time will increase.

In these cases it might appear that the tool is out of capacity, but there is no inherent capacity.

The only limitation here is the characteristics of the machine (cpu speed, memory and swap space).
AR# 58592
Date 03/05/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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