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AR# 59176

Vivado Timing - How can I generate the datasheet report in Vivado?


The datasheet contains the timing characteristics of a design at the I/O pads, similar to what is reported in the .twr file.
However, the datasheet report is not generated in the Vivado report_timing_summary report.

How can I generate it?


The datasheet report section is not generated by default when running report_timing_summary.

To enable it, following these steps in the GUI.

1. In an opened synthesized or implemented design, Select "Tools -> Timing -> Report Timing Summary"
2. In the "Report Timing Summary" dialog box, Check the "Report datasheet" checkbox.
3. You can write results to a text file by specify the path and file name in the "File Output" area in the Advanced tab

You can also use report_timing_summary or report_datasheet on the command line.

report_timing_summary -datasheet -file <file_name>

If you want to specify a reference port for skew calculation, specify the first port in the list for the -group option.
report_datasheet -group [get_ports {ref_port data0 data1 data2 data3}] -file <fine_name>

AR# 59176
Date 01/08/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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