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AR# 59361

2013.2 Vivado - Cross probing from messages related to encrypted files will takes me to an unreadable line


In my design, there are some IP cores which contain encrypted source files.

In the Message View I see messages related to one of these encrypted files, such as:

[Designutils 20-1609] Multiple architectures found in multiple files for instantiation of "xbip_dsp48_multadd_v3_0", making the instantiation ambiguous and possibly leading to unexpected results; using architecture "behavioral". ["C:/project.srcs/sources_1/imports/project_34.srcs/sine_mid/ip/sine_mid/dds_compiler_v6_0/simulation/dds_compiler_v6_0_multadd_wrapper.vhd":169]

Clicking the link in the message, takes me to an encrypted line similar to the following:


Is this expected behavior?  Is there a way to read the content of the line?


The reason for the issue is that users can open encrypted files in the text editor when they click on a link in the messages view. 

From Vivado 2013.3 on, when the linked line is in an encrypted file, a dialog box will appear stating the following: 

Encrypted file cannot be opened in text editor.  Would you like to open the directory instead?


You can then open the directory containing the encrypted file or click cancel to give up reading the unreadable code.

AR# 59361
Date 05/19/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.2
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