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AR# 59370

PlanAhead - How to check syntax automatically after a file changes


When I edit a file in a 3rd party editor to introduce an error into a VHDL file and then save the file, PlanAhead tells me that there is a syntax error in the file, but doesn't tell me where. 

When I close and re-open the PlanAhead project, PlanAhead then correctly identifies the location of the syntax error. 

How can I get PlanAhead to identify this location without having to close and re-open the project?


PlanAhead does not support a "check_syntax" command. 

Refreshing the hierarchy often allows the PlanAhead tool to identify the location of a syntax error, but in certain cases closing and re-opening the PlanAhead project is the only workaround for this issue.

AR# 59370
Date 05/12/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • PlanAhead
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