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AR# 59452

Vivado HLS 2013.3 - GUI does not start, receive "ERROR: %XILINX% does not contain 64bit executables..."


When using Vivado HLS version 2013.3, launching the GUI via the installation shortcut on the desktop or via the Start menu results in an error in the terminal pop-up window:

ERROR: %XILINX% does not contain 64bit executables

Or, something similar to the following:

WARNING: c:\nonexisting/lib/nt64 does not exist.
WARNING: c:\nonexisting/bin/nt64 does not exist.
WARNING: c:\nonexisting/lib/nt does not exist.
WARNING: c:\nonexisting/bin/nt does not exist.
ERROR: %XILINX% does not contain 64bit executables.
Press any key to continue . . .


This issue occurs because the environment variable XILINX is set to an incorrect value: it should not be set in the environment variables settings.

For example, if it is set to c:\nonexisting (this is a directory that does not exist on your system). This will appear with 2013.3 VHLS when launching the GUI.

There are a few solutions available:

  • A solution for VHLS 2013.3 is to not set the XILINX environment variable in Windows.
  • If the XILINX environment variable must be set in your systems to work, you can clear it my modifying the batch file that starts the GUI:

    Insert the following line before any command execution on lines 26 of C:\Xilinx\Vivado_HLS\2013.3\bin\vivado_hls.bat
    set XILINX=

    The user needs to verify if that will not break any other tools that are called.

  • Set the XILINX environment variable to a location that points to a tool installation that contains the expected directories.
  • Other versions of VHLS like 2013.4 do not show this issue. Previous versions did not check this environment variable.

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AR# 59452
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