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AR# 59738

Vivado IP Flows - Can the same .XCI file be used for different device packages and/or speed grades


When changing the device package and/or speed grade of my project, Vivado IP that is independent of device package and speed grade becomes locked. 

Is this expected behavior?


When created, many Xilinx IP cores will contain the exact same content independent of the package or speed grade selected.

However, Vivado does not separate IP into categories that are affected by device package and/or speed grade. 

Therefore, changing these device parameters will lock the IP until the IP is upgraded.

Although locked, previously generated outputs for an IP core may continue to be used after the project device / package has been changed.  

In such cases a warning will be issued to the user indicating that the device/package of the IP core does not match the project device. 

AR# 59738
Date 05/09/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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