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AR# 59784

2013.3 Vivado - Unable to save constraints if the design has any debug core


I have a scripted project flow.

After the synthesis run has completed, I open the Vivado GUI and insert a debug core.
I then select to save constraints before exiting the GUI.

However, the following error is issued.
save_constraints -force

ERROR: [Constraints 18-461] Could not find constraint files /eda/proj/proj.srcs/sources_1/ip/dpram_128x72_wrap/dpram_128x72_wrap_ooc.xdc... Design will not be saved. Please use write_xdc or write_ucf command to examine the constraints<
ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'save_constraints' failed due to earlier errors.

The XDC file in question is embedded within the IP DCP and not the target XDC.
Why is Vivado attempting to save the constraints to an irrelevant XDC file?


This issue is specific to Linux and has been fixed in Vivado 2013.4.

To work around this issue in Vivado 2013.3, you will need to manually modify the XDC file.

AR# 59784
Date 12/12/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • SoC
  • Artix-7
  • Kintex-7
  • Virtex-7
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.3
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