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AR# 59886

Project Navigator - Is there a way to adjust the frequency of the automatic project save?


Project Navigator automatically saves an open project periodically in order to prevent changes from being lost in the event of a system or tool failure during project changes.
Is there a way to adjust the frequency of these saves? 


There is an Environment Variable that can be set to change the save frequency of Project Navigator.
The variable name is: XIL_PROJNAV_SAVE_DELAY
Allowed values are:  -1, 0 or higher
The variable should work with ISE 11.1 or later.
This variable affects the performance of Project Navigator by allowing an option for reducing redundant project saves.
The save frequency can be changed by setting the environment variable XIL_PROJNAV_SAVE_DELAY to an integer value.  

The value represents seconds that should elapse between the last save time and the current save attempt. 

For example, the value is set to "10" and the project is saved at t=0.

If you add a file at t=0, and again at t=8 and then a third time at t=12, then a save will happen at t=12 and not before.
"Special" values for this environment variable are:
-1: never save automatically.  The best performance but worst crash protection.

0: always save at every request.  The worst performance but best crash protection.

The default value has changed over time. 

At one time it was -1 and at another time it was 0. 

In ISE 14.x it is 3 seconds. 
AR# 59886
Date 03/23/2015
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • ISE
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