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AR# 59994

Vivado/ISE - Launching the Vivado IDE or ISE GUI (Project Navigator) only opens a Notepad editor


I have installed Vivado and/or ISE on a Window 7 Operation System.

When I attempt to launch the Vivado or ISE settings64.bat, only a Notepad window and nothing else is launched.  

If I launch Vivado from the Start Menu, after two minute there is a pop-up which states that the launcher timed out.


This issue has been seen on Windows systems when the default program for .bat files has been changed to Notepad.  

This results in ISE and Vivado opening a Notepad window and nothing else.

It occurs because a .bat file is run on Windows to set up the environment needed to run the executables.


There are two methods to resolve this issue:
1) Check if the following key is in your registry:


If this key is present, the default application for opening .bat files was changed.

Make a backup of your registry, and then delete this "UserChoice" entry.

2) Reset the registry values to default:

  • Unzip the attached file batfix.zip file, which will become batfix.reg.
  • Double click the program and this will change your registry settings back to default.

Once either of the above is done, Vivado/ISE will open normally.


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AR# 59994
Date 05/20/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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