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AR# 60044

Multiplier v12.0 - redundant files generated with the core


The Multiplier v12.0 Core generates redundant files that are not required for the option selected in the core GUI.

The multiplier block has two options, parallel multiplier and constant coefficient multiplier.

block ram files and CCM files which are used when the Constant coefficient multiplier (CCM) option is selected are being generated when the Parallel Multiplier option is selected.


These are redundant files and looks like the core is delivering all of the files whichever option is selected in the core GUI.



HDL files are not selectively delivered based on the core parameterization. 

Generally the HDL requires all of the files present for compilation to succeed as the top-level HDL file selects the appropriate implementation/component based on the generics.


Also, there is a practical way to do this via coreinfo.yml/component.xml. 

A synthesis and/or simulation file group can be created but these are static lists.

AR# 60044
Date 02/23/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Multiplier
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