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AR# 60216

2013.x/2014.1 - IOB property on port doesn't work when the register is within submodule and has KEEP attribute


In my design, I have an output register within a submodule with a KEEP attribute attached to it.

The Input/Output Block (IOB) property is set to the output port via XDC but it is not honored.

The following critical warning occurs and the Flip-flop (FF) ends up in SLICE.

[Place 30-722] Terminal 'XX' has IOB constraint set to TRUE, but it is either not connected to a FLOP element or the connected FLOP element could not be brought into the I/O

From a synthesized design, a dummy LUT1 is inserted between the FF and OBUF due to the KEEP attribute, as otherwise the net name will be lost.

However, opt_design is able to remove the LUT1 and the IOB property is successfully propagated to the register.
Even if I manually lock down the register to OLOGIC site, the LOC constraint cannot be obeyed.

A different critical warning is seen.

[Vivado 12-2285] Cannot set LOC property of instance 'xxx', loc is blocked

Why is the register prevented from being placed into IOB?


This is a placer bug and a Change Request has been filed.

A workaround is to apply IOB to the leaf register cell.

This allows the register to be placed into IOB despite LUT1 being inserted in synthesis.
AR# 60216
Date 10/06/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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