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AR# 60391

14.7 SDK - How to debug MicroBlaze programs running on Instruction Set Simulator (ISS)?


SDK supports debugging of programs on ISS.

(UG111) has an example for a PowerPC Processor ISS Targeted via the XMD command line.

However, I want to debug the source code using ISS in the GUI.

How can I do this?


ISS only supports big endian, so a MicroBlaze with an AXI bus system needs to be configured as big-endian.
This can be achieved by adding the following parameter to the MHS file:


Note: If you use a PLB bus system, the default setting is big-endian.
In SDK, check the linker script to make sure that all of the section are set to LMB.

Then use the XMD command "connect mb sim" to start the GDB server, and set the "remote Debug" to use the same port number.
In this case, it is 1234.

The program will stop at the breakpoint.

AR# 60391
Date 03/30/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Kintex-7
  • EDK - 14.7
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