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AR# 60497

2014.x Install - Vivado 2014.x Install aborts if Documentation Navigator (DocNav) is open


I am trying to install Vivado 2014.x using the web client install.  

The download completed but the install stopped with a Java error.

Is there a known reason why this would happen?

Is there a way for me to continue the installation without having to re-download the install files? 

Pointing to the original install directory does not work.  

The installer indicates that there is an existing installation of Vivado.  How can I work around this? 


The most common reason reported for the installer to fail is if DocNav is running.  In most cases, the following Error is shown:

Error Installing Files
The following fatal error was encountered while installing files:
C:\Xilinx\DocNav\docnave.exe (The process cannot access the files because it is being used by another process)
Click Retry for installer to retry this operation. Click Cancel to cancel this installation.

If this error appears you can close DocNav and then select "Retry" to continue the installation.

However, in some cases the installer does not show that error message and the installation is aborted.

If this happens, delete the directory where Vivado Design Suite was installed (for example c:\xilinx\vivado\2014.1),

Do not delete the directory where the files were downloaded (for example c:\xilinx\.xinstall\payload\2014.1).

Restart the installer and specify the same destination directory as the first installation.

The installer will start the download, but every file the installer finds from the initial download (located under c:\xilinx\.xinstall\payload\2014.1) will be reused and not downloaded again.

The download step will appear to complete in a few seconds, then the installer will move on to the installation step.
 The other program which might cause this issue is Xilinx Information Center which runs in the background.

See also (Xilinx Answer 60118)
AR# 60497
Date 10/13/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.1
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.2
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