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AR# 60814

Vivado IP Flows - Why does Vivado only deliver one version of each IP in the IP Catalog?


In ISE Design Suite, CORE Generator delivered multiple versions of each IP and I only had to upgrade if I wanted the latest version of the IP or needed a fix that was applied to a later version.

In Vivado IP Catalog, I am only able to select the latest version and if I open a design containing an IP core of an older version, I am asked to upgrade or the IP will be locked (only existing output files for the IP core can be used).

Why does Vivado only deliver one version of each IP in the IP Catalog?


Vivado currently supports only the latest version of each core in the catalog.  This was done to ensure that only properly qualified IP are included with each release of the software. 
The latest IP version is tested with the current Vivado release version on the supported platforms.  Supporting only one Version of each IP also greatly reduces the install image size of Vivado.

If you need to use an older version then we recommend creating and generating the core with a previous version of the software and then importing it into the new project. 
When importing an older version of the core all previously generated files are imported along with the core. 
The older core will be locked (it cannot be modified or generated but can be upgraded) and it's outputs will be used for synthesis and implementation. 

Generating the OOC synthesized DCP for an IP core in the software version that the IP is supported in allows multiple versions of the same core to exist in one design without causing synthesis source file conflicts due to version changes.
AR# 60814
Date 05/27/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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