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AR# 60968

AXI Interconnect - Why is there a version difference between the IP Catalog (1.7) and IP Integrator (2.0+) of the AXI Interconnect?


In Vivado 2013.1 and later, I am able to choose AXI interconnect v2.1 from the IPI catalog and then there is only AXI interconnect v1.7 available from the IP catalog for HDL designs.

What are the differences between these versions? 

Why can v2.0+ only be chosen from IP Integrator?


The AXI Interconnect version 2.0 and later is composed of the individual sub-modules which are assembled using technology currently only available from IP Integrator.

The following sub-modules are included:

  • axi_clock_converter
  • axi_crossbar
  • axi_data_fifo
  • axi_dwidth_converter
  • axi_register_slice
  • axi_mmu

The IP Catalog outside of IP Integrator will continue to use the monolithic crossbar with version 1.7. 

No enhancements are planned on version 1.7.

Non-IPI designs can still use IPI to deliver a 2.0+ interconnect by instantiating an AXI Interconnect into a blank block design, configuring it, and making all clocks and interfaces "external". 

Note: the Interconnect is also parameterized by the settings (such as data width and AXI protocol) on the individual external interface connectors.


AR# 60968
Date 10/24/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
  • AXI Interconnect
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