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AR# 61178

Vivado 2014.2 - :LwIP in Socket API mode cannot be compiled


Socket API mode in LwIP results in compilation errors in both Vivado Design Suite 2014.1 and 2014.2.


The attached patch resolves the issue with the sockets API compilation in SDK 2014.2. 

These fixes will be available in SDK 2014.3. 

1.  Confirm that the SDK 2014.2 application is closed and there are no dependent processes running,

2. Extract the archive to a temporary location. 

3.  Replace the lwip140.tcl file at C:\Xilinx\SDK\2014.2\data\embeddedsw\ThirdParty\sw_services\lwip140_v2_1\data\ with the lwip140.tcl in this archive.

4.  Replace the xilkernel.tcl file at  C:\Xilinx\SDK\2014.2\data\embeddedsw\lib\bsp\xilkernel_v6_1\data\ with the xilkernel.tcl file in this archive.

5.  There is one other library patch that must be applied and is available in the folder 'HSM patches' in the archive. 

To install this patch do the following:


For win64:

 1. Unzip librdi_hsm_win64

2. Replace the librdi_hsm DLL in the install area(SDK\2014.2\lib\win64.o\) with the above unzipped DLL.


For win32:

 1. Unzip librdi_hsm_win32

2. Replace the librdi_hsm DLL in the install area(SDK\2014.2\lib\win32.o\) with the above unzipped DLL.


For lnx64:

1. Unzip librdi_hsm_lnx64

2. Replace the librdi_hsm DLL in the install area(SDK\2014.2\lib\lnx64.o\) with the above unzipped DLL.


For lnx32:

 1. Unzip librdi_hsm_lnx32

2. Replace the librdi_hsm DLL in the install area(SDK\2014.2\lib\lnx32.o\) with the above unzipped DLL.



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AR61178_sdk2014.2_lwip_sockets_patch.zip 2 MB ZIP
AR# 61178
Date 06/26/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.1
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.2
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