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AR# 61439

Vivado HLS 2014.2 - Export RTL fails with @E [RTMG-101] Wrong #​ args: should be "::AESL_​LIB_​XILADAPTER::axis_​gen optlist"


The following error message is received in Vivado HLS:

@I [IMPL-8] Exporting RTL as an IP in IP-XACT.
@E [RTMG-101] Wrong # args: should be "::AESL_LIB_XILADAPTER::axis_gen optlist"
    while executing
"export_design -format ip_catalog -description "Bayer Stuff" -vendor "MaCo" -library "HLS" -version "47.11" -display_name "Bayer Demosaicing""
    (file "D:/_Customer/VisionComponents/PR163_HLS_Consulting/HLS_Bayer/hls_bayer/solution1/export.tcl" line 8)
@I [LIC-101] Checked in feature [HLS]


The issue happens because of  symbols in the metadata section in the set_directive_resource command.
set_directive_resource -core AXI4Stream -port_map {bayer1 TDATA} -metadata {{-bus_bundle bayerin}} "FL_BayerToRGB_5x5_V2" bayer1

The use of the {{ }} symbols is causing the issue in Export RTL.

Use the following instead:
set_directive_resource -core AXI4Stream -port_map {bayer1 TDATA} -metadata "-bus_bundle bayerin" "FL_BayerToRGB_5x5_V2" bayer1
#pragma HLS RESOURCE variable=bayer1 core=AXI4Stream port_map={bayer1 TDATA} metadata="-bus_bundle bayerin"

This issue will be fixed in Vivado HLS 2014.4 or a later release.

In the meantime the above workaround should be used.
AR# 61439
Date 11/04/2014
Status Active
Type Error Message
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.2
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