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AR# 61489

SDK: How to view the Disassembled code of a Zynq based ELF file?


For MicroBlaze based projects, I can use the "dis" command in the xmd console to view the disassembled code.

However, this method does not seem to work for Z
ynq based applications. 

How can I see the disassembled code of a Zynq application in SDK?


The xmd command "dis" only works for MicroBlaze.

This command is not suitable for Zynq based applications. 

To view/dump the disassembled code of a Zynq application, Use one of the two methods described below:
Option 1.

Use the Disassembly window in SDK to view the disassembled code

In SDK, go to Window > Show View > Other and type disassembly

Add the window to your SDK workspace.


 You should now be able to see the disassembly view.


Option 2.

Use the objdump feature to dump the disassembled code to a *.s file
Open the XMD console and type following command:
arm-xilinx-eabi-objdump -D {C:\Users\sampatd\Downloads\2014.1-release\zc702_workspace\test\Debug\test.elf} > c:/users/sampatd/desktop/test.s 
The above command will dump the disassembled code of test.elf to a file named test.s.

You can use a text-editor to view the test.s file:

AR# 61489
Date 12/03/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Zynq-7000
  • EDK
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