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AR# 62223

Vivado - When I add source files into project one by one, Vivado issues unnecessary Critical warning


I am adding multiple source files into my project one at a time with the following command:

add_files -fileset sources_1 "filename"
However, Vivado issues the critical warning:

CRITICAL WARNING: [Vivado 12-3645] Please note that adding or importing multiple files, one at a time, can be performance intensive. Both add_files and import_files commands accept multiple files as input,
and passing a collection of multiple files to a single add_files or import_files commands can offer significant performance improvement.

I understand the performance issue and intend to continue using the add_files command to add source files one at a time. 

Is there a way to remove this critical warning?



This warning will be issued if a script uses the add_files command to add more than a set number (50 by default) of single files to a project.

By default this warning is displayed after 50 individual add_files.

The parameter project.singleFileAddWarning.Threshold can be set to a number greater than the maximum number of source files to avoid this critical warning. 

For Example: 

set_param project.singleFileAddWarning.Threshold 500

AR# 62223
Date 04/16/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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