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AR# 62300

Licensing - Is there a way to return an activation license without (before) activating?


I have generated an activation license. 

However, I have not loaded it into trusted storage on the machine for which it was generated.

Examples where this can occur:
  • The generated activation license request file (Xilinx_Licenese.xml) is for a virtual machine and was generated before VM support (Added with Vivado 2014.3).
  • The incorrect number of seats was selected.
  • I decided I want to place the license on a different server to the one the license was requested for.
Can I return this license and generate it for another machine?
Is there any way to return the activation license without (before) activating?


There is no procedure to return the license before activating the license. (i.e., pre-activation)

If the generated license cannot be loaded on the machine for which it is generated, you will need to contact Xilinx Customer service in order to have the license creation cleared from the account.

This will free the license to be created for another machine.


AR# 62300
Date 11/26/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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