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AR# 62394

2014.3 Partial Reconfiguration - pr_verify fails when the in-memory design is still open


After route_design, with the in-memory design still open, I execute PR_VERIFY to compare the Static_BB DCP (from after update_design -black_box) and the new routed configuration DCP that had just been written out:
pr_verify clk_wrap_postroute_bb.dcp clk_wrap_postroute_rm2.dcp 
It fails with the following error:

ERROR: [Constraints 18-892] HDPRVerify-09: Mismatched Partition-Pin-Location found. There is a difference at interface net clk_wiz_0_exdes_inst/COUNT_OBUF[2] connected to pin clk_wiz_0_exdes_inst/COUNT_OBUF[2].
Both design check points must have the same location for the equivalent Partition-Pins.

If I close the in-memory design, then run the exact same pr_verify command (which uses the same DCPs), it passes.


This issue is fixed in the 2014.4 release of Vivado.
AR# 62394
Date 02/24/2015
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.3
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