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AR# 62779

2017.1 Vivado Partial Reconfiguration - Partial Bitstream file is missing after write_bitstream


When I run the write_bitstream command for the PR flow, One of the partial bitstreams is missing.

How do I get all 'partial' bitstreams?


The partial bitstream is not being generated due to nested Pblocks in the PR module.

"Nested" Pblocks are cases where one or more Pblocks are located within the boundaries of a master or parent Pblock.

Remove the nested Pblocks prior to running the "write_bitstream" command:

open_checkpoint <design>_routed.dcp
delete_pblocks [get_pblocks <nested_pblocks>]
write_bitstream <file>

Note: The parent Pblock on the reconfigurable cell must not be deleted.

AR# 62779
Date 07/06/2017
Status Active
Type General Article
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