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AR# 62807

Licensing - Is it possible to use an alternative location for activation license trusted storage area?


On my company network, the /usr/local folder is mounted and is shared by machines across the network. 

In order to install FLEX NET Publisher (FNP) services the /usr/local/share/FNP folder is needed on the machine and sudo should have full access to it. 

Is it possible to specify/use an alternative location for FNP trusted storage initialization?


According to Flexera, the Trusted Storage location can not be modified. 

However, in some cases using symbolic links will provide a means of working around permissions issues and still adhering to company policies.

You can create a symbolic link on the remote server to a local volume location present on all client machines upon which they wish to run FNP applications.  

A typical location might be under /var.


So using /var as an example, prior to installing FNP, follow the steps below:


1) On the remote server, run the commands below with root privilege:

ln -s /var/local/share/macrovision /usr/local/share/macrovision 
ln -s /var/local/share/FNP /usr/local/share/FNP


2) On every client machine using FNP, run the commands below with root privilege:

mkdir -p /var/local/share/macrovision 
chmod 755 /var/local/share/macrovision
mkdir -p /var/local/share/FNP
chmod 755 /var/local/share/FNP


FNP installation can now take place on each desired client and will result in Trusted Storage, anchors & the licensing service (installed in /usr/local/share/FNP) all being correctly localized.

AR# 62807
Date 05/05/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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