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AR# 62949

XAPP589 v2.2 – When targeting an Artix-7 Device, [Designutils 20-941] error is received


When targeting an Artix-7 Device, I receive the following error:

[Designutils 20-941] Did not find node resource, NE2BEG0, downhill from node, INT_L_X34Y7/SW6BEG3.
Downhill node choices include: INT_L_X32Y3/WW2BEG3 INT_L_X32Y3/SW6BEG3 INT_L_X32Y3/SW2BEG3 INT_L_X32Y3/SS6BEG3 INT_L_X32Y3/SS2BEG3 INT_L_X32Y3/SL1BEG3 INT_L_X32Y3/SE6BEG3 INT_L_X32Y3/SE2BEG3 INT_L_X32Y3/EE4BEG3 INT_L_X32Y3/WL1BEG2 INT_L_X32Y3/SR1BEG_S0 INT_L_X32Y3/LH12 INT_L_X32Y3/LH0 INT_L_X32Y3/ER1BEG_S0 INT_L_X32Y4/WW4BEG0 INT_L_X32Y4/NL1BEG_N3 INT_L_X32Y4/NW6BEG0 INT_L_X32Y4/NW2BEG0 . ["c:/picxo_v22/picxo_v22/pre_opt.tcl":211] 


This issue will be resolved in the next version.

For version 2.2, please open a webcase from the link below.


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AR# 62949
Date 04/16/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Artix-7
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