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AR# 63092

2013.4 Vivado Sysgen - Generating output products from the Vivado IDE results in an error and the generation does not complete


I have added my System Generator design to my Vivado project as a DSP Source.

When I try to "Generate Output Products", Matlab/Sysgen is invoked as expected but an error occurs on the Matlab console and the generation stops.

Operand to the || and && operators must be convertible to logical scalar values.

Error in /proj/gsd/vivado/Vivado/2013.2/scripts/sysgen/matlab/xlSetupGUI.p>xlSetupGUI (line 31)

Error in /proj/gsd/vivado/Vivado/2013.2/scripts/sysgen/matlab/xlGenerateButton.p>xlGenerateButton (line 69)

Error in /proj/gsd/vivado/Vivado/2013.2/scripts/sysgen/matlab/xlGenerateForPA.p>xlGenerateForPA (line 32)

Why does this occur and how can I work around it?


This issue occurs when the System Generator Model which has been added to the project does not contain a System Generator token in the Model top level file.

The following work-arounds are available:
  1. Ensure a Sysgen token is in the MDL top level.
  2. If the top level is a subsystem, expand the subsystem out to avoid the Sysgen token being included in the subsystem and as such being in a lower hierarchical level of the MDL.
  3. Use System Generator standalone and create an IP Catalog from the Sysgen targets, then add this created IP to the IP Catalog in your Vivado GUI.
    This provides the additional benefit of being able to use the Sysgen design as an out-of-context IP in the overall design.
    As a result you will not have to resynthesize the Sysgen portion of the design every time the overall Vivado project needs to be synthesized.

In later versions of the tools an accurate Error message is generated when trying to generate the output products.

AR# 63092
Date 12/11/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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