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AR# 63224

Vivado simulator - Error "[VRFC 10-454] cannot open vhdl file" may occur in Windows OS when running behavioral simulation on IP Example Design


When I run behavioral simulation on the example design of the IP "Ethernet 1000BASE-X PCS/PMA or SGMII", I receive the following error message:

xvhdl -m64 -prj demo_tb_vhdl.prj

Determining compilation order of HDL files.
ERROR: [VRFC 10-454] cannot open vhdl file ../../../gig_ethernet_pcs_pma_0_example.srcs/sources_1/ip/gig_ethernet_pcs_pma_0/gig_ethernet_pcs_pma_v14_3/hdl/gig_ethernet_pcs_pma_v14_3_rfs.vhd
ERROR: [XSIM 43-3317] Sorting of project file "demo_tb_vhdl.prj" failed. Please sort the files manually, add a nosort keyword on the last line of "demo_tb_vhdl.prj" and rerun the compiler.
ERROR: [USF-XSim-62] 'compile' step failed with error(s). Please check the Tcl console output or '' file for more information.

The issue only occurs in the Windows Operating System.



The error is due to a Windows OS limitation.

Windows has a 260 character limit on the maximum length for a path.

When the IP infrastructure delivers output products in a path whose length exceeds the limit, simulation failure can occur.

To work around the issue, try to reduce the length of the full path name of the simulation file.

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AR# 63224
Date 04/08/2015
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  • Vivado Design Suite
  • Ethernet 1000BASE-X PCS/PMA or SGMII
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