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AR# 63683

Licensing - How does an Activation license become "untrusted"


An activation license was installed on my machine. 

When I run the following command "xlicsrvrmgr | xlicclientmgr -v" to view the trusted storage, I receive output similar to the following showing that a license is untrusted. 


U if untrusted
. D if disabled
...Expiry  Count Fulfillmentid         ProductID

U.6 permanent 1 211467462             209855566


> xlicclientmgr.bat -l
"Seq No"  Status         Date            Time     Reference
    1      Recover     2014-09-02   16:14      ""
    2      UnTrusted  2014-09-02    11:11     ""

What causes the license to become untrusted?


How the Trusted Storage gets broken is not indicated in the license manager status information.

The records can become untrusted / broken if anchoring, binding, or windback (timing) parameters are modified.


  • Binding: A capability used with trusted storage where one or more properties of a system, combined together into a unique identifier, are used to ensure that license rights held in trusted storage are not copied to another system.
  • Anchoring(anchor): A link between the system and the trusted storage that is used to detect whether trusted storage has been tampered with, deleted, or restored.
    Anchors are also used
    to ensure that information in trusted storage about trial licenses persists beyond the expiration date.
  •  Windback: A condition where the system clock has been set to an earlier date or time.
    One reason users change the system clock is to extend the license duration.


Terminating Vivado or changing the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable should not cause an issue.

AR# 63683
Date 02/26/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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