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AR# 63918

Vivado - Why are source files still accessable after I issue a close_design command


After a call to close_design, the source files are still visible both in the GUI, and in memory. 
For Example:

I run close_design and then I start reading in the next set of files. 

Now, when I run synthesis, both the new files and the previous ones (read before close_design) get used during synthesis etc.

I expected that because there has been a close_design after the first file is read, it should no longer be visible.


The expectation is incorrect. 

The concept of a "design" here is confused with the concept of a "project"
In the Vivado tools, designs happen in projects. 

For example, a typical project might have an elaborated design, a synthesized design and an implemented design. 

The design is based on the source files added to the project but does not contain the source files.

 Instead it contains an elaborated, synthesized or implemented representation. 

Close design (close_design) does not close down the project (refer to close_project).
In the case of the non-project flow, close_design does not flush the files from memory (loaded with a read command).
AR# 63918
Date 04/30/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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