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AR# 63947

2014.3/2014.4 Vivado Sysgen - The FIR Compiler update fails if there are brackets '(' or ')' in the block name.


I receive the following error when trying to upgrade the FIR Compiler to a newer version:

Error occurred while initializing 'fir_v5_updgrade_testFilter_f2(23coef)'
Tcl error in validate procedure while setting value '6,0,-4,-3,5,6,-6,-13,7,44,64,44,7,-13,-6,6,5,-3,-4,0,6' on parameter 'CoefficientVector'. couldn't compile regular expression pattern: parentheses () not balanced.

What causes this error and can this be avoided?


This is a known issue in System Generator for the FIR Compiler block and its upgrade script.

The upgrade script is failing as the block which needs to be updated has special characters such as "(" or ")" in its name.

The simple workaround is to remove or replace any special characters in the block name.

For example, change the block name from Filter_f2(23coef) to Filter_f2_23coef.

This should resolve the problem for FIR Compiler 5.0 to FIR Compiler 7.1 upgrades.

AR# 63947
Date 03/19/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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