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AR# 64002

XAPP589-XAPP1241-v2.4- Long runtime during route_design can lead to a crash in 2016.1


A longer than usual runtime has been reported during the call to pre_route.tcl. The message PICXO-106 shows a very high number of seconds to complete pre_route.tcl.

In 2016.1, the tool crashes with an "out of memory" message.

Why is the runtime increased? How can I speed it up?


The runtime is increased because the license server is called every time route_design is called.

pre_route.tcl calls route_design a number of times and so the runtime can increase significantly if the license server checkout is slow.

To work around the problem in versions prior to 2016.1:

  1. Understand why the call to the license server takes so long.
    Are there any unknown servers on the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable?
    Is the license server first on the list?

  2. Borrow a license locally. This feature is available from Vivado 2015.1 onward.

  3. Involve a licensing expert to resolve points 1 and 2 above.

  4. If the two options above do not work, the log file outputs the necessary routing constraints to speed up runtime on the next run.

Note: Two messages relating to PICXO-210 appear. The first one states that the Tcl file should be used post placement but this is incorrect. It must be used pre-placement or post opt_design.

To work around the problem in Vivado 2016.1:

  1. Use option 4 above in 2015.4 and use the generated constraints in 2016.1

The next release, v2.5, will resolve the runtime and crash issue.

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AR# 64002
Date 05/30/2016
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