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AR# 64085

Vivado Simulation - How do I perform simulation in Vivado using Aldec simulators?


Aldec Riviera-Pro/Active HDL is listed as a supported simulator for Vivado.

However, it is not integrated into Vivado IDE like other supported third party simulators.

How do I perform simulation in Vivado using Aldec simulators?


Aldec offers support for the simulators Aldec Active-HDL and Riviera-PRO.
Please contact Aldec if you need assistance.

Integration of Aldec simulator into Vivado is in beta support in the 2014.4 release.

You can enable the flow by setting the following parameter before opening a project:
set_param project.enableAldecUnifiedFlow 1

For detailed instructions on running the flow in Vivado 2014.4, please refer to Aldec Application Notes:

Starting in Vivado 2015.1, Active-HDL and Riviera-PRO are now integrated into the Vivado IDE.
To launch simulation for these two simulators,
  1. Create or open a Vivado project
  2. Set the target simulator to Riviera-PRO or Active-HDL
  3. Run simulation

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AR# 64085
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