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AR# 64148

Licensing - The MAX_BORROW_HOURS in my options file is not being honored for Xilinx licenses


I have added a MAX_BORROW_HOURS directive to an options file that is used by lmgrd on a server that is serving Xilinx floating licenses for Vivado Design Suite.

However, the MAX_BORROW_HOURS directive is ignored and users are able to borrow a license seat indefinitely.


In Vivado 2015.1, the ability to borrow licenses was added for Vivado Activation based licenses.

However, Flex licensing does not support the MAX_BORROW_HOURS option for activation based licenses.

For activation based licenses, the ACTIVATION_ EXPIRY_DAYS option should be used.

This is an extract from the License Administration Guide:


This option is to control the activation request based on the expiration dates mentioned in the options file while activation.

Publisher controls the activations based on the number of expiration days.

If the expiration date is greater than the date set in the options file then the functionality is not successful.


ACTIVATION_EXPIRY_DAYS entitlementID:FID=fulfillmentID days

For example, if there are more than one entry in the options file, the functionality works fine with respect to first line given in the options file.

As per the example, if the current date is 11-December-2013 then the client can activate the license until 13-dec-2013. In case of normal activation without option file, client can borrow license beyond 13-dec-2013.

Note If more than one ACTIVATION_EXPIRY_DAYS option for the same EntitlementID and FulfillmentID with different count of days mentioned in the options file, then the functionality always considers first line and ignores subsequent lines."

AR# 64148
Date 05/25/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.1
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