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AR# 64150

LogiCORE IP Video over IP FEC Receiver (VoIP FEC Rx) - How do I detect if the FEC data is being sent with the video data?


How do I detect if the FEC data is being sent with the video data?


SMPTE2022-5/6 has a header field that indicates when FEC packets are being sent. 

SMPTE2022-1/2 does not have this field.

It is not planned to add this to the VoIP FEC core. 

The expectation is that this would be handled at the system level.

One possible way to implement this is to have a packet filter that monitors for incoming FEC packets on each channel. 

This can be fed to a watchdog timer which resets every time a new FEC packet arrives.

If no new FEC packets arrive in a specified amount of time (for example, 1 second) then the timer triggers, indicating that the source has stopped sending FEC packets.

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AR# 64150
Date Created 04/02/2015
Last Updated 04/16/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Video Over IP FEC