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AR# 64641

Vivado IP Integrator - Is it possible to freeze the layout of an IP Integrator (IPI) block diagram (BD)?


Is it possible to freeze the layout of an IP Integrator (IPI) block diagram (BD)?

When working with IPI I want to have a consistent layout and do not want it to regenerate whenever something small happens.

Is this possible?


In IP Integrator there are two redraw options.

One should be used for minor redraws, the other more major redraws.

If you hover over the redraw icons on the left of the block diagram some tool tips are displayed:

  • Optimize Routing: Generate optimized routing while preserving relative placement.
  • Regenerate layout: Discard current layout and regenerate.

The information for a layout is contained in the /UI/xxxx.ui file.

You can copy the original UI file and apply it to a current BD to maintain existing placement once you reopen the BD.

You can apply your saved .ui layout to an existing open BD using the following command:

regenerate_bd_layout -applyui <ui_filename>.ui

It will direct you to close and reopen your BD in order to see the new layout.

AR# 64641
Date 06/12/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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